About Water Wizard

The Water Wizard 2.0 Touch free Automatic is designed and manufactured by Jim Coleman Company in Houston Texas who for over 45 years have been the leader in car wash technology.

The Water Wizard 2.0 is completely touch free with no nasty brushes to scratch or damage your cars duco. The Water Wizard is the latest in Automatic Touch Free car washing.


  • Under body Wash ($16 & $14 Wash only).
  • Two Passes of presoak.
  • Wheel Scrubs ($16 Wash only).
  • High Pressure Scrubbing using oscillating action nozzles.
  • Contour boom.
  • Magic of Triple Shine ($16 Wash only).
  • Clear Coat Protectant ($16 & $14 Wash only).
  • Spot Free Rinse.
  • Wind Wizard Blowers ($16 Wash only).

Car using water wizard automatic wash

Clean car emerging from water wizard automatic wash

Drive through automatic smiley car wash