Conditions Of Use

  • Fully Lower or remove any exterior aerials, fittings such as roof racks, visors, side mirrors, headlight/bonnet protectors, wheel covers, badges, vehicles should not enter the wash unless securely attached.
  • Vehicles with body damage, sun affected/poor quality paint, loose chrome, pin stripes/graphics, or non-standard accessories, i.e. bike racks etc. must not use the wash.
  • Trade vehicles with pipe or ladder racks must use the trade wash.
  • Vehicles with extending objects i.e. ladders, piping etc must not use this wash.
  • Once wash commences remain in the vehicle with the windows up at all times.
  • No general entry to wash bay area - Authorised personnel only.
  • Ensure you maintain a safe distance between the guard rails to avoid damage to the cars and wheels.
  • While care is taken at all times, Smiley Car Wash does not accept responsibility for damage or injury caused to anyone or their property from using this facility.

Car going through the automaic wash