How To Use

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  1. Secure the dog in the wash tub using dog clips supplied.
  2. Insert $6.00-the machine will accept $1 & $2 coins only-No change given.
  3. Turn selector switch to shampoo.
  4. Take wash hose and start washing your pet, if no water is flowing press the gold button on the wash head.
  5. Do not rush through the shampoo cycle make sure your pet is lathered all over.
    Smiley Tip! You can press the gold button on the wash head at any time to stop the water flow, should you need to use both hands.
  6. Select rinse cycle and remove all soap.
  7. Select conditioner and apply all over your dog’s coat.
  8. Select Rinse and wash out conditioner.
  9. Select Flea & Tick rinse and apply all over to your dog’s coat. This can be left in or rinsed off.
  10. Optional-Blow Dry.
    Low Speed-no warm air.
    High Speed- warm air (takes approx. 30 seconds for air to warm up).
  11. With approx. 30 seconds remaining remove your dog from the wash tub and shift selector to disinfect and wash down tub area.
  12. If you have not completed your wash you may add $1.00 within 20 seconds of your time expiring to get an extra 50 seconds.

Smiley Dog Wash In Action

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