Smiley VIP Discount Card

The cheapest smartest way to wash your car.

How does it work ?

You can be issued with one or as many individual cards as you want. All cards are then linked to the one account.

You get 10% of free credit every time we recharge your card, minium purchase is $220 and you get $242 of credit. You can choose for us to charge your VIP card with the following amounts- $220, $275 or $550

If you do a $16 Autowash and deduct your GST (subject to being registered for GST) and 10% discount it works out to a $13 Wash-Now that’s a cheap wash!! Plus it is also a business expense for tax purposes.

Each card can have different user restrictions-You can nominate what functions listed below may be used, as well as days and times of the week. We can set every card slightly different.

The Smiley VIP Card can be used on the following:

  • Water Wizard Touch Free Automatic.
  • Self-Serve Bays
  • Shampoo/Vacuum
  • Fragrance/Vacuum
  • Plain Vac in front of Self-Serve Bays.

Smiley Car Wash will e-mail a usage statement at the end of each month that will show.

  1. Account balance.
  2. Amount spent per card.

There is no time limit on spending the credit on any cards.

Smiley Car Wash Pty Ltd will automatically recharge your credit card to the amount nominated when the credit on the account gets to within the range of $15-$50.

At time of recharge Smiley Car Wash will send you a tax invoice.


Register below and your “Smiley VIP Card" will be sent to you.

Terms and Conditions

  • I will notify Smiley Car Wash immediately should you lose your “Smiley VIP Card”.
  • Smiley Car Wash will not on sell customer details to anyone else and will respect the privacy of it’s members.. 
  • Smiley Car Wash will automaticly charge your credit card when your credit limit reaches the range of $0-$50.

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