Smiley Car Wash chose Little Holland Pty Ltd, the water recycling specialists in the Car Wash industry with over 60 car washes water recycling systems in Australia. Their system uses a combination of Chemical injection and Ozone treatment disinfection.

Smiley Car Wash saves thousands of litres every month through their water recycling programme, to the point it can be used several times to wash multiple cars. The system is state of the art and is checked regularly to ensure the highest quality water is being used on site.

We also collect all the rainwater into a 50,500 litre tank and use this in the Car Wash.

We have 66 solar panels 20 KW system on the roof of the Car Wash. This is part of our ongoing plan to make Smiley Car Wash one of the greenest Car Washes in Australia. The combination of Water Recycling, Solar Power along with the correct processing of dirt/oils and detergents sets the bar very high to help save and maintain our local environment and in particular our water ways.

The combination of Water Recycling, rain water and solar panels we are as enviromently friendly as possible.