The Unlimited Wash Pass is vehicle spececific and can only be used with the nominated car. You are issued with a code that is unique to your vehicle and you enter your unique code everytime that you arrive at the Auto payment station into the keypad. You can select any of the Automatic washes that you would like to perform and this can vary to your liking on each visit.


Unlimited Washes = 1 Automatic wash/day. An additional benefit of being an Unlimited Wash Club member is that you then become entitled to join our 2nd and 3rd Car Club, which as it suggests, allows you to join a 2nd and 3rd car for $33 per month per car, with the entitlement of 2 washes per week.


Unlimited Wash Pass fees are automaticlly billed to your credit card each month in advance and each month thereafter until such time as the agreement is terminated by you or Smiley Car Wash.


The Unlimited Wash Pass is a 3 month agreement; there are no long term commitments, no hidden cancelation charges. In the event that you would like to cancel your membership, Smiley Car Wash must recieve written notice 14 days before your 3 month agreement finishes - e mail Strictly no refunds or credits will be given for partial periods. At the end or your first 3 months your agreement will automatically be renewed for 3 months and will continue to do so until we are notified.


Terms and Conditions

  • Smiley Car Wash Unlimited Wash Pass is $45 per month and allows one wash every 24 hours for the nominated vehicle each month. 2nd and 3rd cars is $33 per month limited to 2 washes per week.
  • Unlimited Wash Pass is purchased with a credit card only. The fee for the first month is charged to the customer's card at the time of sale.
  • The monthly fee is charged to the same card automaticlly each month until the agreement is cancelled or terminated by either party.
    The agreement is for 3 months initially and will automaticlly renew for 3 months each time.
  • To cancel an Unlimited Pass, customer request in writting must be recieved via mail or e mail 14 days before the end of your agreement or your agreement will automaticlly renew for 3 months. No refund or credit is given for any unused portion of a plan due to early cancellation.
  • Unlimited Wash Pass customers must contact Smiley Car Wash to notify of any information changes - vehicle, e mail or credit card information.
  • If Smiley Car Wash is unable to charge a credit card for any reason, the customers code will be de-activated until payment is recieved.
  • An Unlimited Wash Pass is valid at Smiley Car Wash Automatic Car wash 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Smiley Car Wash will as required shut down the Automatic Car Wash for scheduled servicing, maintenance or for any unforeseen reasons without notice. No refunds will be issued in these situations.
  • In the event pricing, terms and conditions change, the new information will be posted on the Smiley Car Wash website. Price changes will take effect for new customers, and will be applied after 30 days written notice to existing customers.
  • Second & third car Unlimited Pass is for cars owned by your immediate family only.
  • Should your unique code be used to wash a car other than the nominated vehicle your unlimited pass will be immediately cancelled and your credit card will be charged for the remainder of the agreement. Strictly no refunds. You will be notified in writing by Smiley Car Wash that your pass has been cancelled.
  • Smiley Car Wash reserves the right to cease this program with 30 days written notice.
  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions I understand that this is a recurring monthly charge on my credit card for my Unlimited Wash Pass.




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